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JS Boot Camp 2019 Chernihiv

The aim of JS Boot Camp is to transform you into a professional developer, who will join world ecommerce expert - Astound Commerce! The best participants will start their career in international professional team to perform and deliver interesting global projects.

Based on the analysis of your application by filling out the registration form, 12+ finalists will participate in JS Boot Camp.

JS Boot Camp will be conducted during the evening time on workdays. All finalists will be granted with diplomas after successful completion.






// Senior Test Automation Engineer

Alex is a Senior Test Automation Engineer at Astound Commerce company. He has more than 8 years in test development. He also has experience as desktop application and web application developer. He keens on regular expressions as a universal tool for text processing.



// Web Developer Lead

Olga is a Web Developer Lead at Astound Commerce company. She works both as frontend and backend web developer more than 10 years. She is always searching for new approaches to solve tasks in best manner. Olga has a rare ability to overcome difficulties and to find a way out at problematic situations.
Iurii Pozhar



// Web Developer

Yuriy is a web developer at Astound Commerce. He has been developing web applications for over 15 years.
He likes to get new knowledge from any technologies and projects.
Vladyslav Kusok



// Web Developer

Vlad is a Dev Lead at Astound Commerce company. He likes to accept challenges and provide the best solutions with the team to the customer. Keen on approaches and has more than 10 years in Web.
Oleksii Makarenko



// Web Developer

Oleksii is a Web Developer at Astound Commerce company.
He has more than 3 years of experience in web development. He likes to work on complex projects and to implement the 3rd party integrations.
Mykola Lazarenko



// Frontend Developer

Mykola is a Front-End Developer at Astound Commerce company. He likes to create nice dynamic interfaces and has extensive experience in optimizing front-end performance
Vladyslav Puchka



// Web Developer Senior

Vladyslav works as Senior Web Developer at Astound Commerce. He joined the company after first Web Boot Camp at Chernihiv. His technical and soft skills giving him the ability to quickly find solutions, whether it is just a bug-fix or a new complex feature. He is focused on delivering the application with a high level of quality.

You will get experience in

JavaScript foundations

  • Data types
  • Objects and functions
  • OOP in JavaScript
  • Regular expressions
  • Introduction into ECMA Script 6 (ES6)

Client JavaScript and jQuery

  • DOM
  • Events
  • AJAX and Services
  • Modules


  • Introduction to HTML/CSS
  • Most commonly used design patterns
  • MVC
  • Build tools (Grunt, Gulp)


Technical skills

  • Base knowledge in HTML/CSS
  • Understanding of programming basics

Soft skills

  • Self-motivated quick learner
  • Attention to details and focus on quality of work
  • Logical mindset and strong analytical skills
  • Responsible and active person
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills, team cooperation
  • Interest in new technology and technical solutions
  • Intermediate + English (written and spoken)


All seats are filled and the registration is currently closed.