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QA Boot Camp 2019 Medellin

QA Boot Camp – be equipped for QA Engineer position in Astound Commerce!

QA Boot Camp – an amazing opportunity to join world digital commerce agency - Astound Commerce!
Only the best talents will start career in international professional team to perform and deliver interesting projects. QA Boot Camp will be conducted during the evening time on workdays. Participants will be granted with diplomas after successful completion.
Participation is free of charge.



Natalia Saglam



// QA Lead

Experienced QA engineer with deep knowledge and practice in planning and management of testing process, manual testing on different project types and different platforms.
Sebastian Mejia



// QA Engineer

Tester with more than 10 years of experience, having the opportunity to play several roles within testing teams.
"It's not what you teach, it's what they learn what really matters".
Sebastian Castillo



// Senior QA

Experience in projects including testing procedures for e-commerce, mobile applications, ERP, CRM, and MW on STB.Team leader and team player.
Juan Felipe Zuluaga

Juan Felipe


// Senior QA

11 years of experience as QA. Former teacher. “Teaching is another way to learn, so lets learn together”
Karla Palomino



// Senior QA

Experience in back end and front end testing projects, eager to learn and looking forward to step out of the comfort zone, willing to stay teachable everyday.
Arturo Puerta



// QA Engineer

8 and half years of experience as QA Engineer, Former IT Director, Mobile Developer, BPM Techhnical Consultant and Help Desk Analyst.
"All what you need to be successful in software testing is Teamwork, Knowledge Sharing and Think Big"


Technical skills

  • Base knowledge in HTML/CSS
  • Understanding of programming basics

Soft skills

  • Self-motivated quick learner
  • Attention to details and focus on quality of work
  • Logical mindset and strong analytical skills
  • Responsible and active person
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills, team cooperation
  • Interest in new technology and technical solutions
  • Pre-intermediate+ English (written and spoken)

You will get experience in

  • History and purpose of Testing
  • Development Life Cycle
  • Requirements analysis, Static testing
  • Test Case creation
  • Test execution
  • Test planning
  • Time estimation
  • Bug-reporting
  • Mysterious Testing Techniques
  • Web testing tips & tricks


All seats are filled and the registration is currently closed.