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JS Boot Camp 2018 Vinnytsia

The aim of JS Boot Camp is to transform you into a professional developer, who will join world ecommerce expert - Astound Commerce! The best participants will start their career in international professional team to perform and deliver interesting global projects.

Based on the analysis of your application by filling out the registration form, 10+ finalists will participate in JS Boot Camp.

JS Boot Camp will be conducted during the evening time on workdays, 6pm. All finalists will be granted with diplomas after successful completion.



Andrii Oleksiuk



// Web Developer Senior

Senior Web Developer at Astound Commerce company. With over 7 years of experience in web development. Took part in creating of high-loaded web projects using modern technologies.
Valery Pospelov



// Web Developer

Middle Web Developer at Astound Commerce company. With over 6 years of experience in web development and over 20 year in IT.
Dmytro Katashev



// Web Developer

Web Developer in Astound Commerce company. JavaScript hacker with over 6 years experience in developing web applications and services using modern technologies and tools. I like to optimize applications to achieve maximum speed and scalability.
Alex  Gavrilov



// Web Developer

Web Developer in Astound Commerce company. With over 10 years of experience in web development. Big fan of performance optimization and making light-weighted end user orientated solutions.

You will get experience in

JavaScript foundations

  • Data types
  • Objects and functions
  • OOP in JavaScript
  • Regular expressions
  • Introduction into ECMA Script 6 (ES6)

Client JavaScript and jQuery

  • DOM
  • Events
  • AJAX and Services
  • Modules


  • Introduction to HTML/CSS
  • Most commonly used design patterns
  • MVC
  • Build tools (Grunt, Gulp)


Technical skills

  • Base knowledge in HTML/CSS
  • Understanding of programming basics

Soft skills

  • Self-motivated quick learner
  • Attention to details and focus on quality of work
  • Logical mindset and strong analytical skills
  • Responsible and active person
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills, team cooperation
  • Interest in new technology and technical solutions
  • Intermediate + English (written and spoken)


All seats are filled and the registration is currently closed.