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JS Boot Camp 2017 Uzhhorod

JS Boot Camp – be equipped for WEB Engineer position in Astound Commerce!

JS Boot Camp – an amazing opportunity to join world digital commerce agency - Astound Commerce!
Only the best talents will start career in the international professional team to perform and deliver interesting projects.
JS Boot Camp will be conducted during the evening time on workdays in Uzhhorod Astound Commerce office.
Participation is free of charge.



Vitaliy Isajskyy



// Web Developer Senior

Vitaliy is a qualified Web Developer with more than 6 years of experience. He has a rich background in JavaScript, and his main specialization is building big and complicated user interfaces in a simple way. He is focused on delivering the application with a high level of quality.
Bohdan Hula



// Web Developer Senior

Bohdan has an extensive experience in working with complex projects. He knows how to solve difficult technical problems and develop new approaches. His top strengths are:
1) SFCC platform skills;
2) Ability to make decisions quickly;
3) Initiative/proactivity;
4) Desire for continuous improvement;
5) Communication skills.
Roman Zhornyk



// Web Developer Lead

Roman has 6 years of experience in programming and more than 4 years in Web Development. Roman is focused on delivering first-class JavaScript based web applications to some of the world's leading brands.
Vasyl Kovach



// Web Developer Senior

Vasyl always demonstrates high performance, high accuracy of estimations and willingness to solve complex tasks. Vasyl is very experienced in the integration of different 3rd party services.
Rudolf Fentsyk



// Web Developer

Rudolf has more than 9 years of experience in Web Development. He had used JavaScript for everything: frontend, backend and even standalone applications. Programming is his lifetime passion, he loves to learn new skills and share it with others.

You will get experience in

JavaScript foundations

  • Data types
  • Objects and functions
  • OOP in JavaScript
  • Regular expressions
  • Introduction into ECMA Script 6 (ES6)

Client JavaScript and jQuery

  • DOM
  • Events
  • AJAX and Services
  • Modules


  • Introduction to HTML/CSS
  • Most commonly used design patterns
  • MVC
  • Build tools (Grunt, Gulp)


Technical skills

  • Base knowledge in HTML/CSS
  • Understanding of programming basics

Soft skills

  • Self-motivated quick learner
  • Attention to details and focus on quality of work
  • Logical mindset and strong analytical skills
  • Responsible and active person
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills, team cooperation
  • Interest in new technology and technical solutions
  • Intermediate + English (written and spoken)


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