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// Senior Web Developer

Yuriy is a Senior Web Developer at Astound Commerce company. He is experienced Trainer leadings internal courses for software developers and team leads. In WEB Boot Camp 2016 his role is backup trainer.

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03 - 04

October - November, 2016

Web Boot Camp 2016 Chernihiv // Training View results

WEB Boot Camp – be prepared for WEB Developer position in Astound Commerce!

The aim of WEB Boot Camp is to transform you into a professional developer, who will join world ecommerce expert - Astound Commerce! Only the best talents will start their career in international professional team to perform and deliver interesting global projects.
There will be founded 10+ finalists who will participate in WEB Boot Camp.
WEB Boot Camp will be conducted during the evening time on workdays. All finalists will be granted with diplomas after successful completion.
Personal laptops are obligatory. Participation is free of charge.

Web Development (Chernihiv)

02 - 11

November - December, 2015

Web Boot Camp Chernihiv 2015 // Training View results

The program of this Web Boot Camp is designed to bring the participant from the very start of JavaScript programming to the level of good understanding and ability to use the most common technologies in web development today. Starting from general HTML/CSS overview the participant will be taught to understand data types, objects and functions, OOP, regular expressions up to use JavaScript and jQuery in practice.

Web Development (Chernihiv)
Pervogo Maya str, 166 B, Chernihiv, Ukraine