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Bohdan Hula

Bohdan Hula

// Web Developer Senior

Bohdan has an extensive experience in working with complex projects. He knows how to solve difficult technical problems and develop new approaches. His top strengths are:
1) SFCC platform skills;
2) Ability to make decisions quickly;
3) Initiative/proactivity;
4) Desire for continuous improvement;
5) Communication skills.

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Past Events

17 - 15

October - December, 2017

JS Boot Camp 2017 Uzhhorod // Training View results

JS Boot Camp – be equipped for WEB Engineer position in Astound Commerce!

JS Boot Camp – an amazing opportunity to join world digital commerce agency - Astound Commerce!

Only the best talents will start career in the international professional team to perform and deliver interesting projects.

JS Boot Camp will be conducted during the evening time on workdays in Uzhhorod Astound Commerce office.

Participation is free of charge.

Web Development (Uzhhorod)

24 - 07

March - May, 2014

Progressive Boot Camp - Web Development // Training View results

This program is designed to bring the student from the very start of a client-side programming to the level of a good understanding and the ability of using the most commonly used technologies that became a basis today.

Web Development (Uzhhorod)
5 Koryatovicha St., Uzhgorod