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Scalability and Performance

Building scalable e-commerce applications that perform under heavy load is a challenging task whose importance is often only realized the first time the application crashes. The irony of this situation is that the heavy load comes when the site is being used by the greatest number of customers, and hence performance related crashes affect tremendous numbers of users and result in significant customer dissatisfaction and lost revenue. With the prevelance of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and other real-time communications, it only takes seconds for word to spread that an e-commerce site is suffering from poor performance or an outage. Preventing performance problems and making applications scalable requires planning, sound architectural decisions, performance testing, circuit breakers, robust caching strategies and traffic offload strategies. We will review best practices in these areas and discuss how to ensure your e-commerce site doesn’t suffer performance related outages.

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Jerry Lewis



// IBM Practice Head

Jerry is a head of SysIQ's Global IBM Practice