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Web Development Fusion 2013 (Uzhhorod)

Dive into deep waters of Web Development and discover fascinating world of coding, optimization, QA and other processes that bring static pages come to live. Register today to get an access to real case studies and the hands-on experience with developing for ecommerce.

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23 March 2013
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Databases On a Client's Side: Tips and Tricks

New feature called client data storages appeared in HTML5 that consists of Web Storages (LocalStorage), WebSQL DB и IndexedDB. Client data storages create more independence on the client side, that accelerates web sites and web applications, decreases server overloads, and makes feature available to work with offline.

Quick Intro to Clean Coding

Do you experience aesthetic pleasure while reading your own code? Is your code T.R.U.E.? Is it S.O.L.I.D.? Clean? Designed for Life? Be ready to get answers to all of those questions and more. Some Java knowledge is expected.

Speed Up Your Website

How to increase your website download time and improve user perception? In this report we will talk about common problems of the website load performance and the most useful client side optimization techniques to speed up the website.

Dmitriy Yakubovskiy

Frontend Developer

QA Evolution In Pictures

Let's take a journey into the evolution of the test department that portraits the challenges that QA had to face and what are the results of the outcome in the modern days.

Liubomyr Fedorniak

QA Engineer

iGears: Architect Principles of Template Engines Design

Everything you need to know before displaying the data from your web application. Basic architect principles of template engines design. Guide to: How to display "Hello World" correctly?

Stanislav Publika

Developer Team Lead

Management and Communication Within a Team During The Project

Short presentation about main aspects of manager's role and how a good communication within the team leads projects to success.

Fedir Sajbert

Web Development Lead

SEO and Marketing Requirements in Web Architecture

SEO readiness is a basic requirement in web development. It ensures users flow to your site and converts them to customers. What are the necessary out-of-the-box features of the successful web project? More on how to implement marketing requirements in your project's architecture.

Manifest of Modern Engineers

Here we'll outline who the QA are, how they live and what they want to accomplish.

Vitaliy Senich

QA Engineer

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38 Verhovynska str. Uzhhorod, Ukraine
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Dmitriy Yakubovskiy
// Frontend Developer
Dmitriy is a Frontend guru, focused on developing interactive and user friendly interfaces.
Vitaliy Senich
// QA Engineer
Vitaliy is a QA Engineer with 2 years of experience in testing and 2 years in site development.
Stanislav Publika
// Developer Team Lead
Stanislav is a Web Development Lead who's passion lays in JS, architecture of different applications and coding.
Fedir Sajbert
// Web Development Lead
Fedir is a development lead with 5 years of software development.
Liubomyr Fedorniak
// QA Engineer
Lubomyr is a QA Engineer with more than 3 years experience in testing.