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QA Boot Camp 2012

SysIQ trainers are looking for young and talented people who want to learn ways of QA and test automation. Sign up for a three weeks of intense QA training to strengthen your mind and spirit on a way to a kick-ass QA career!

April 2012


Alexei Lupan



// QA Trainer Lead

Astound Commerce QA trainer, experienced in complex web-oriented app testing. Coached an army of testers of the web-oriented apps. Presenter at the international software testing conferences.

What You Will Learn

  • Software Testing Theory and Basics (Week 1-2)
  • Basics of Test Automation (Week 3)

Candidate Requirements

Technical skills

  • 4, 5 or 6 term
  • Java Core knowledge
  • Architecture of web-applications (server/client side) basics
  • Software testing theory basics
  • HTML, CSS knowledge will be considered a plus
  • JavaScript, Ajax knowledge will be considered a plus

Foreign language

  • English (intermediate or higher)