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Big Enterprise Ecommerce Fusion 2013

Ecommerce opens doors to endless opportunities for developers as one of the fastest evolving IT industries. Join our star speakers: development, management and marketing professionals that move ecommerce market working on world-famous projects with millions of everyday users. This is Big Enterprise Ecommerce Fusion, the largest international ecommerce event in Ukraine.

BEEfusion provides both conference format presentations (come to the Big Presentation Hall) and practical experience sessions at ITLab. Hurry up and book your ticket to the amazing world of ecommerce!

13 July 2013

Connect with developers and business people and enlarge your audience by becoming Sponsor at the Annual BEEF 2013.

Big Enterprise Ecommerce Fusion 2013 (BEEF) offers sponsors an opportunity to connect face to face with the best talent in the industry. More than 500 developers and business professionals will attend the event to share their expertise and gain experience in programming for ecommerce projects.



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  • logo promotion
  • speaking at the event
  • stand
  • company banner placed in front of the stage
  • company marketing material as a part of the handout package (pens, notepads, etc)
  • logo on our t-shirts
  • access to participants database

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SEO and Marketing Requirements in Web Architecture

SEO readiness is a basic requirement in web development.

QA Testing Approaches: From Beginning to the Modern Days

High-level overview of QA Testing Approaches and how they are implemented in the modern world.

Alexei Lupan

QA Trainer

The Growing World of Ecommerce Technologies and Why Developing For Ecommerce Is Important

This presentation will help developers of all skill levels understand why developing for ecommerce is an essential skill in today’s ecommerce landscape.

Greg Segall

CEO of OnePica

Getting to Know Magento

The Magento platform, trusted by more than 150,000 businesses and leading brands, provides a flexible, scalable ecommerce solution. This presentation will explore the unique feature set that makes Magento truly the top ecommerce platform.

Joe Woods

Director of Technology at OnePica

Max Yekaterinenko

Senior Manager, Engineering, Magento

Scalability and Performance

Building scalable e-commerce applications that perform under heavy load is a challenging task whose importance is often only realized the first time the application crashes.

Jerry Lewis

IBM Practice Head

Nikolai Rantsev

Project Coordinator

Managing Teams of Developers or Growing Ecommerce Skills to Fuel Your Career

This presentation is about main aspects of manager's role and how a good communication within the team leads projects to success

Ivan Pecherskyy

Web development manager

Globalizing an Ecommerce Website - Rolling It Out Globally

The ecommerce industry is evolving at a rapid pace. This places a greater pressure on the need to adapt quickly, a trait typically associated with business success. This session will take a look at key trends and best practices that are driving the movement for global ecommerce websites.

Ilya Vinogradsky

CTO at SysIQ

User-Focused Design: How to Develop Online Stores That Are Usable on Any Device

User-Focused Design is a type of user interface disciplines where the needs and wants of the consumers are the central core during each stage of the design process. This presentation will provide you with the best practices to develop websites that look good on any device.

Josh Murack

Digital Factors Account Director

The Unexpected Achievements

This presentation is full of real-life cases focused on showcasing Magento as a solution of a choice for many world-known brands and businesses

Alexey Pilgui

Progect Manager

Journey Into the World of Java: Java Serialization

This presentation explains why it's important to enhance your Java Serialization API expert knowledge and stay on track.

Mikhail Gevak

Java Team Lead

All Things PHP

All Things PHP will teach you how to develop web pages with PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor).

Vitaly Korotun

Leading Architect

Non-Blocking JavaScript

We will talk about different ways of loading scripts on the web page and methods to prevent blocking.

Dmitriy Yakubovskiy

Frontend Developer

Magento Code Audit

Over the past few years, Magento Expert Consulting Group has been engaged in dozens of health checks and certifications on Magento extensions.

Alex Zarichniy

Magento UA consultant

Vitaliy Stepanenko

Software engineer

Big Presentation Hall
Registration and Coffee
Coffee Break
Coffee Break

presented by

Alexey Pilgui
Lottery and Quizz Winners Awards/Wrap up

presented by

Vitaly Korotun

presented by

Dmitriy Yakubovskiy
Coffee Break
Conference Hall Hotel "Rus"
4 Hospitalna st., Kiev, Ukraine
Registration begins at 09:00
Event Location
Dmitriy Yakubovskiy
// Frontend Developer
Dmitriy is a Frontend guru, focused on developing interactive and user friendly interfaces.
Alexei Lupan
// QA Trainer
Astound Commerce QA-trainer, experienced in complex web-oriented app testing. Coached an army of testers of the web-oriented apps. Presenter at the international software testing conferences.
Mikhail Gevak
// Java Team Lead
Mikhail has more than 10 years of software development experience.
Ivan Pecherskyy
// Web development manager
Ivan has over 10 years experience in the IT industry.
Greg Segall
// CEO of OnePica
Greg is a CEO and President of OnePica
Joe Woods
// Director of Technology at OnePica
Joe is a director of technology at OnePica
Jerry Lewis
// IBM Practice Head
Jerry is a head of SysIQ's Global IBM Practice
Ilya Vinogradsky
// CTO at SysIQ
Ilya is SysIQ's CTO and technology guru.
Alexey Pilgui
// Progect Manager
Alexey is a Magento Project Manager
Vitaly Korotun
// Leading Architect
Vitaly is a Head of Magento Expert Consulting Group
Alex Zarichniy
// Magento UA consultant
Aleksandr is a Magento UA consultant